A downloadable game for Windows

The principle of the game is quite simple, both players should drive through the map trying to paint more than the opponent. Each car has a paint tank that will be reduced when painting the city. When ther's no paint left they will have to fill up the tank if they want to continue painting.

There are 3 maps available with different environments: City, Graveyard and Dungeon. Players can choose different cars , each one of them has its own abilities. During the gameplay, a wide range of powerups will spawn


Presskit: Coming soon

Install instructions

Just run the HexCars.exe


Hex Cars.zip 67 MB


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bug with 2 xbox controllers connected: all buttons are shared from both players (1P controls 2P also and viceversa), axis are ok (i've changed accel/brake to RightStick, please keep up this possibility) and in menu, only 1P can change color.